the big w.i.p.


When I see an exhibition, when I am in front of something I like, I usually wonder about the same things. How did they do it? How long did it take them to do it? Did they get it wrong many times?I often get more interested about the "work in progress" itself than in the final result.
In The Big Wip, what I really want to do is to focus on the production process. I´ve been inside of a gallery for a week, painting the walls which at that time turned out to be a white canvas. 

Ephemeral illustrations that think about death, on the passing of time and the loss of youth. With this new project, Amaia Arrazola experiments a new way of work, an exhibition where you can visualize all the process, from the creation of the art work to its fading, until the walls come again to be a white canvas.

Pictures and video by Sara Obiols

The illustrator Amaia Arrazola created a project titled "The Big W.I.P.", which is an ephemeral mural that reflects upon death, the passing of time and the loss of youth. This video shows the entire process of the creation of the artwork.
Music: Phone Sex feat. Grimes (parkgolf juke edit). Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license